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How can we make you happy?

You have the whole range of possibilities

It turns out that you can't do everything in your notepad... It looks like you need some application

 What we do is: APEX, PL/SQL, Forms, Reports, BI Publisher

 We know people who do: PHP

We have done this for: The Great Orchestra of Christmas Charity


My data base dates back to the times of Moses or earlier and other companies poke fun at me

  1. We’ll design a complete migration path for you
  2. We’ll advise which versions and hardware you should choose
  3. We’ll carry out the migration with the minimal data base down time
  4. If you fancied to migrate your Windows, we’ll dissuade you from this irresponsible intention 😉
  5. We will take responsibility for all problems which will for sure appear after all these changes.

We have done this for:

CODGiK (as Infovide Matrix subcontractor)


It should be fast and efficient. So maybe EXADATA?


We will suport you technically with administration of Oracle Exadata, we will maintain intrastructure and data bases. We will analyse, configure what it needs to be configure and we will implement system adjustments.


We will provide detailed audit of security, optimize Oracle Exadata for efficiency, we will consolide and migrate where it is needed, and at the end we will establish laborsaving processes.


Phone a friend

The first Oracle mentoring service in Poland – its target group include administrators, developers and IT managers. It helps to minimize the risk connected with maintaining and scaling-up production environments while simultaneously implementing perpetual learning of the managers. The main aim of this function is to provide help with solving non-standard issues that require expertise and a long-standing experience in turning around “hopeless situations”. Below you can find a few suggestions to illustrate how to handle such a predicament.

Among other things, we can help you to:

  1. Design a security policy
  2. Assist in choosing migration path
  3. Assist in handling non-standard programming issues
  4. Assist in performance analysis
  5. Choose database mechanisms which will be critical to its functionality (e.g. global contexts)
  6. Communicate effectively with your service provider

The list of issues is not obviously limited to the ones mentioned above. We assume that it can be any issue concerning management, development and design aspect of Oracle databases.

What Our Service Includes

Within our service you will receive monthly support at the level of 10 hours of our involvement and 20 independent notifications, which as we assume should fully meet your needs. The service should not be treated as a way to delegate part of your development or administration effort to third parties. Thanks to it you can tap into a source of unique expertise and develop your team competences based on real-life problems that occur in the production environment. It shortens the time you need to find solutions, enhances security and performance of the solutions used. So, how is it different from the knowledge you can gain in a training room?

  • There is no fixed agenda or any other limitations to the scope of issues we can address
  • You do not need to plan assistance in advance, which is typical practice in the case of sending your employees to training – we respond within one working day at the longest
  • Problem analysis directly in the place “where you feel the pain” – not in testing environments that are perfectly configured for training purposes

The “Phone a Friend” service is not meant to replace traditional training, especially not the basic-level one. It is complimentary in nature and sets the direction for your employee development without a need to employ extremely expensive expert support full time.

You can call it a Google with a guarantee to find an appropriate solution.

Net valuation

PLN 5,000

A bit expensive, but I can risk…


My DBAs and developers don't get on

We know the problem.

We’ll carry out training sessions where we’ll put both teems on the same page and lead them to their common victory.


The data base is working. But I fear that once it might just get crashed

That’s ok. We fear that one day we’ll forget to buy beer.

  1. We’ll design HA procedures for you
  2. We’ll create appropriate backup and restore scripts
  3. We’ll provide SLA

We have done this for: AmRest (as a Betacom contractor)


I'd like to have a data warehouse. Everyone has one and I don't. I'd like this, too.

  1. We’ll design a database that meets all the standards – we’ll follow some on them and some override, because they are just pointless
  2. We’ll create ETL processes for you
  3. And match tools and licenses according to your needs and your inclination for spending money

In my times, data bases used to be faster...

You know why?

YES – but I don’t know what to do about it.

  1. We’ll conduct an in-depth analysis of the areas that you indicate
  2. We’ll make the recommendations and rewrite the code
  3. We’ll suggest the solutions to scale your performance in the event of your application being built up

NO – it just doesn’t work.

  1. We’ll carry out an AWR analysis, if you have  a diagnostic pack
  2. If not, we’ll create a statspack repository and we’ll make use of its reports
  3. We’ll suggest the solutions to scale your performance in the event of your application being built up
  4. We’ll carry out a detailed wait events analysis and we’ll tell you where the problem is
  5. We’ll help you with talks with your application supplier and sooth your strained nerves with a cooled pint or two…

We have done this for: Asseco


We have lots of problems and we need to talk with someone.

Someone will sit with you and figure out what to do. We’ll make a brainstorm and we will become your personal problem-solvers.

We have done this for: Advatech


Security audit

  • Analisis of instalation and configuration Oracle environment;
  • Analisis of operational system’s configuration paying special attention to good practices for Oracle database;
  • Analisis of system and object privileges for individual database users;
  • In case of finding privileges presumed as exessive – point of potential attack vectors and escalation paths of privileges;
  • Analisis of PL/SQL code paying special attention to the potential atacks like SQL Injection;
  • Audit ended with recommendation report



Performance audit

  • Interview with administrators and users of the application and database server;
  • Analisis of the AWR or Statspack reports depending on the own license;
  • Corelation the results of the reports with the database processes – analise on the grounds of performance views V$ and X$ and trace files;
  • Analisis of the operating system configuration for the database environment research;
  • Creating performance report which describes the database server situation – the report will contain recommandations;
  • Audit of the specific process or SQL query;
  • Analisis of the plan of the query execurion;
  • Corelation specific stages of the query execution with the expectations;
  • Analisis trace files like 10046 and 10053;
  • Analisi of database objects which take part in the process;
  • The result of our work is the report with the recommentations or amended version of SQL quere.

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